Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's A Grand Old Flag

The internet address is very fun, very good sale prices and I look at it each week and get some terrific deals, especially on elastic and rotary blades. I think of it as my own personal home shopping network.

Also, I decided to make my own flags as I have said before. I got the flag fabric from Beacon Fabric and Notions on line for $6.99 a yard, which I think was a very good deal. Here are the first 'summer' flags. I had my red, white and blue up a little longer than normal because I refused to put up the old

tattered summer colors. Notice the seam in the yellow flag. I can get two more flags out of the yardage (9 yards per color) if I piece and frankly it doesn't bother me one bit. I finally cut all the

flags out and thought I could just crank them out and be done with it for several years (I have five or six flags of each color depending on how accurate the yardage was) but not so much.
The flag cloth is slippery and I have now placed a realistic goal for myself as far as the flag production goes. I would like to sew five a day. Today is 'D' day for my plan. We shall see.


patty a. said...

Thanks for the link. This type of fabric is hard to find. I think I will have to make some flags myself!

dee said...

Nice bright colors. So pretty.
I love that baby quilt so much-glad you finally got the post to publish yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I added it to my favorites. The blade price is incredible!


Anonymous said...

Love the "summer colored flags"..love also that I "stalk" your house every day en route to....'wherever'!!

wpritchett said...

Love the flag colors....how do you have them hanging and what type pattern did you use? Down here in central Indiana, I'd love to have some, too.