Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lite vs See The Light

Remember the hundred pounds of shrimp I bought right off the boat in Florida that took me
hours to clean? Well, finally I got the chance to use some of it this weekend. The kids were looking for some lighter fare this visit and so I accommodated them. Grilled shrimp that was
marinated in pineapple juice was one of the meals we had. This was Richard's plate and he was a little miffed that he didn't stage his plate properly before the picture was snapped but I explained that we have to go when the camera is around so I will apologize for his less than Food Network Magazine cover ready plate. It was good anyway. Evan did the grilling this weekend (G was in a golf tournament and he had two Stanley Cup games to attend) and he did
an excellent job.
Photo Temporarily Removed
My yet to be named quilt is done. I just pinned it up on the wall on top of the current project so this is a little bumpy but you get the idea. The quilting is in my style (due to the fact that I still don't do free motion and probably never will) and that's fine with me.
Photo Temporarily Removed
I tried to go from the bottom shapes and carry the quilting direction (to some degree) into the top and was fairly successful. I am overall pretty pleased with the outcome.

Once again I have been in the land of nod and let the deadline for the Houston IQF come and go before I even checked on when it was. I have this weird thing going with this show. I have missed the deadline every year except last year and even that was a race to FedEx because I only had one day to get it there. I guess it's not meant to be and I am planning to go back to the show this year and would have liked to have something of mine hanging in it. Oh well.


dee said...

I love the way the quilted piece turned out. The lines are a nice balance to the pebble shapes. Of course I may be a little biased since..well..it's your work and I can't do free motion either. The color palette is yummy. Maybe as yummy as those shrimp! Hope you enjoy every bite. With this terrible oil spill we may not get fresh, real shrimp for a while. I detest those squishy,mealy, watery, pond raised shrimp. Rather not have any. So sad for those fishing guys down there.

Corky said...

I love this piece. The name that came to me when I saw it was Stepping Stones.