Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morning Madness

Up until a few minutes ago, I had two new links in my side bar (thank you W from Va for getting me to try to do it again!). I (rather, my BFF Melody)

has previously tried to get a link about books I have read and recipes in my side bar to no avail. Yesterday she tried again and Voila! There they were. She then told me how to add the necessary info and I even printed out her instructions and still screwed up. The book link is still there and that is only because I have not touched it. The Recipes link has gone bye bye. There will be some bribing and maybe a bit of crying this morning from me to Mel to get her to undo what I have done. That was my first morning mistake. Oh, no,
I had another.

Gordon had an early bank meeting and so at 6:30 a.m. Bella was looking for her morning walk and I was looking back at her with skepticism because I can't really walk her with the cast. She is a dog lover herself and pulls and pulls when she sees one and I can't keep my balance but this morning, all was beautiful and quiet and so I tried. I barely got the leash on and out to the mailbox to get the paper when a car came looming towards us and started to slow down and then stop. I was a little nervous until I saw that it was my friend

Genie coming to drop off (of all things!) a recipe she had promised me. I questioned this in my head because if not for the dog, I would still be dreaming in my bed and would not have been outside, much less dressed and the fur eliminated from my teeth.

Poor thing, she was up and couldn't get back to sleep at 4:30 so was doing ERRANDS! Hey, I love the gal but that's on the list of goofy things, I'm thinkin'. Anyway, she came in for coffee on the deck and we had a nice chat (we talked about YOU) even tho' we had an outing yesterday and talked nonstop for a few hours. It's not even 8 a.m. and half her day is shot. Oh, I forgot, she has 9 hole golf at 8:30 a.m. What a gal.

I am going back to bed!!!!


Susan Turney said...

How cool....the two bloggers I hate to miss are BFFs!
Your friend should move to Las Vegas! Everyone here seems to get up sooooo early. 530AM seems early enough to me but some are out every morning walking by 500AM! It's 640AM and it's only 70 degrees...isn't that cool enough???

dee said...

A Regina sighting at any our is a good thing. That face just makes me smile.

What's the recipe? I'm hungry.

If I don't lose some poundage they will roll me down the isle to my son's wedding in Sept. I need a Bella to pull me around.

Gayle from MI said...

For a minute there I thought I was on the wrong blog!

Reggie said...

Good God what a horrifying picture of me; let's pretend it's someone else