Sunday, June 27, 2010

Natural Blondes

Jayne and her hubby Rich are here this weekend. I snuck away while Jayne is blow drying her hair to blog. We are having a great time. We are eating, drinking, playing games and mostly talking non stop. We constantly are drawn back to our trip to China at the end of last summer. We were just two natural blondes on the lose in China. Jayne is going back in August to accompany her daughter in getting the grandchildren to a new school . I will be jealous not going with her but the World's Fair is in Shanghai and they were projecting 70 million extra people in Shanghai and it was pretty packed without those additional peeps so I guess I am not so jealous. Maybe I will go with her next year.

We are off to the outlets.


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, the picture of the pup doing the Gene Simmons imitation cracks me up ever time I open your blog.

Beeshebags said...

You both look like you were having such a great time...made me wanna be there too! Hugs Naomi the newbie follower from Australia