Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nightly Ritual

I came across this project when I was getting ready to head north from Florida. I never quite know what to bring back and forth and for some reason I chose to bring this UFO back with me.
I have been working on it at night off and on for three weeks. I had cut out all the parts about five years ago so all the design elements were already done. I decided to get going and finish it up yesterday morning and so went through all my plans and parts and realized that I was missing a major side piece and I no longer have any of the fabric left (up north at least). I pinned it to the design wall and realized that what I chose five years ago for colors wasn't what I was into now. The cream colored pieces on the sides just have to go. Even though the black is cut away from the back, I will figure something out. I am re 'coloring' the remainder of the project. It is all done by hand.The starting piece was the blue background and then I appliqued on my 'lead' and sewed down the black around the border and in the center.
I just had to go to the studio to figure exactly how I started the piece by looking at it from the back. The reason I couldn't do reverse applique was because I needed all the 'lead' done first so the ends could be caught under the black so I had no raw edges to contend with. I am looking at this picture and it appears that I was still sewing with a needle and thread when I took this picture!!


maggie z. said...

it is absolutely stunningly beautiful, wow, i can't wait to see this finished...and - i know where it originated!!!

Gayle from MI said...

I think I recognize this piece. Isn't it the one you were working on when I met you at the PAQA retreat in Racine? Nice to know you have a few older than dirt UFO's in your stash too!

Kathy I said...

Totally awesome