Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Panini Toot

I am sure lots of you, at the end of the week or you clean out the refrig before garbage day and end up throwing away food. I am here to tell you that you don't have to. You can make a garbage panini. I have done this many, many times and no matter what, they are wonderful and not only that, you will have a quick go to snack, lunch or app (cut up in small squares).
I keep on hand two Boboli thin pizza crusts. They don't need refrigerating but be leery of the expiration date. I have tried other brands but they don't hold a candle to Boboli although the other brands are cheaper. You make the call; you can always add your own parmesan as they do or jazz another brand up in other ways. I let the professionals do it for me.
This is the plain side and I always have that on the outside. I spray it with a bit of cooking spray and place it down on a parchment lined sheet pan.
I put the parmesan side up and start my assembly. This is what I happened to have on hand to
start with. This is cheddar and salad dressing. Sometimes I use mayo, or pesto but this time is ranch dressing. Fresh herbs like basil or sprouts are wonderful too.
On top of that (because I can) I placed turkey slices and tomatoes. The tomatoes need to be thin sliced and placed on a towel or paper towel before adding them to the sandwich to get the moisture out of it. Otherwise your sandwich will be wet and mushy. This is the rule for anything you add to the sandwich that is wet. Otherwise, just make a salad or soup!!!
I added summer sausage
and to that I added sliced blanched asparagus and a sprinkling of yellow mustard.
Swiss goes on last. I like cheese on both sides of the panini because the melting holds it all
together. I top that concoction with the other boboli and very lightly spray it with cooking spray.
Into the oven it goes and I heat it until it is warm all the way through. I used to turn it but it isn't necessary unless you are gonna eat it right away (and that's okay too) but if you do what
I do and take it out of the oven and drag it onto a cutting board to cool for freezing, the turning (which is for looks only) can be skipped. You will be reheating it anyway.
When it's stable and cooled I cut it in half. I do this mainly out of habit because before I got an upright freezer, I couldn't fit a whole panini in my freezer. But actually, rarely do we have that many people at one time that we have to feed at the spur of the moment so why unthaw it all? You can even cut it in smaller segments if you like. I always seem to do every thing a bit big. Anyway, my preference is to wrap the halves in Press and Seal and then wrap them in foil before freezing. You could also use a food saver if you do that. That's it. Now it's time to clean out your frig!!!


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W from VA

dee said...

I love this idea and I even have the Boboli thin crusts,cheeses, salami, and I have tomatoes. That never happens-having the actual ingredients. We can have this for dinner!! Thanks Tommy. You saved me a trip to the store.

Cindra said...

This is a wonderful idea. I need to add the Boboli to the grocery list.

Anonymous said...

I have learned so many kitchen skills from you! Thanks for staying with the blog Tommy!