Monday, June 14, 2010

Pigs On Parade

I took myself to JoAnn's for the first time since I have been home. I had two 50% off coupons in my pocket that were burning a hole in my dress. Little did I know that various decorations, pigs included, were on sale too. I couldn't resist. This one is my favorite. It is very unique.
This cute little roly poly pig was calling my name.
I have the perfect spot for this metal pig. I was just gifted a wonderful garden bench with an arbor over it and this would be a perfect companion. I would show you a picture of my great bench but it's outside and it is raining so that will have to wait.

I am interviewing a new cleaning gal today so I guess that means I will have to run around and clean. Why do we do that?


Anonymous said...

Let's hope you find a Rima replacement soon! It sucks to have to do all that yourself (like I do!!)

robinww said...

Saw this on another blog and thought you might be interested - knitted pigs.

dee said...

I could, for a price, be bought!!