Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I can't believe that I almost didn't post this!


Robin sent this to me and it came in the flux of all the wonderful comments
and got sidetracked. I have tried for fifteen minutes to cut the picture from the directions
to no avail but you get the idea. I have got to put these pigs on my to-do list.

My little niece Bea has been pretty sick lately and I personally think it's because they had to say goodbye to their 18 year old cat, Sissy, last week. I think that Bea has a broken heart.

I just got the skinny that Jake (the last Bachelor) and that slut Vienna have split. Big surprise there, huh?


Irene said...

Poor little Bea, she even looks broken hearted. Hope she's feeling better soon. Maybe some Bella time would help?

dee said...

Oh that darling little girl. Hope she recovers soon.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Bea does look sad. On the walk around the block with my shih tzus we met a tabby cat named Alex that loved to come out and play with my dogs. He wasn't afraid of them and they decided they liked him. In fact they would look for him if he wasn't out. Then one day he quit playing. A sign went up that their dog was missing so I wondered if he was sad or had been attacked by a dog or something. Six months later they got a new pup and Alex was outside bouncing and running circles around his new brother. He has someone to play with again and is back to his old self.

Corky said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel about Vienna!

The pigs are so cute!