Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water and Dust

It was bound to happen but I just didn't expect it so soon. What I am referring to is the blog conflict. Some of this blog is food which will step on the toes of Tommy Cooks but it's just gonna happen. Sorry Tommy Cooks. Get over it. Okay, I am.

Paying mega bucks for what my son calls 'dust' has always fried me.

The problem is that you need the stuff to make the elements of your food have the taste that you want. Why it never occurred to me to make my own will still floor me for a very long time. The 'dust' is a total rip off; I try and look for the ads when they are on sale but still, it's a major money maker. I happened to be making taco's somewhere (probably remote Florida) and getting the taco 'dust' was next to impossible so with the help of google, I made my own.

Yesterday I made Fajita Seasoning. I have been on a fajita kick lately and it just seemed the right thing to do. Saving little jars, just because I like them seems to come in handy now and

again. I have some recipe that calls for baby food pears. I can't imagine how much of a jar hoarder if I was a mom/housewife (am I really that?) back in the day that jelly came in juice jars and all that. We should do that stuff again; good for going green. Wine would taste just as good out of a salsa jar, wouldn't it? I gotta think about that. Anyway, the recipe is on Tommy Cooks. The others I use, Taco and Enchilada will follow.

Our weather (and I am sure yours as well) has been crazy. The eighty mile an hour winds had our trees going 90ยบ sideways at dinner time last night. Bella has never been bothered by the weather until these last two storms. I totally ignore her because I don't want to start yet another neurotic habit. The water from the lake comes into our house through places that we didn't know existed. There are buckets and towels all over the place. The lightning and thunder are pretty scary. It plays off the water like a light show. Last night, while preparing dinner, we watched the storm roll in and in less than a half hour, watched it roll out, leaving us with this blazing sunset. In Chicago, 300 flights were delayed, the metra trains were temporarily stopped and traffic was a nightmare of trees down and water everywhere. And just like that, it was over.


dee said...

I'm glad you're alright. I was watching the news last evening and they showed the progress of the storm just moving into your area and I said a prayer. It's all coming our way so I better get errands done. This 90+ weather is awful. Not used to it at all.
Fajitas are perfect food for this heat. You can have as little or as much as you want. Yum!

sistersoftheart said...

Glad you are safe & thanks for the new recipe. I love making my own spice mixes. Who knows what else they put in those packets? BTW - I've used your pesto recipe since you first posted it. It is the BEST!! It is so easy to freeze in a flattened sandwich size ziplok baggie & takes no time to thaw. Love it!
Hugs, Patte

maggie z. said...

my all - time fave is the one from peter and maria's wedding.. the cajun seasoning...but they all sound good to me, especially for grillin'..thanks t...

Millie said...

Even dust you can make taste good! Now I'm curious... what recipe calls for baby food pears?