Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Up Doc?

It looks as tho' Star Wars and I are going to be parting our ways. The cast has been gradually taken off for short intervals, followed by long intervals and today I am going to the store without the cast. Bella has gone to day care because I plan to try out my well heeled bones in the kitchen, freezing some stuff for the offspring, without having to look down constantly so as to not kick the dog.

The cast and I have become very close. I no longer dread it and now I am a little hesitant to stick it in the closet. It's been eight weeks and that is exactly half of the six to twelve weeks I was told to protect my osteo bones. I will keep it close, if for no other reason than it will be reassuring to me.

This is what I have been up to during parts of the day for the last week. I have cut and sewn and pressed hundreds of bindings to have on hand. It's a process that I love and hate. I don't have to think when I do it, and I have come to like that aspect of some sewing more than I care to admit.

As evening approaches, we buckle down (some more than others) and scan the tv for things to watch

while I continue to tackle the five year old project that I have sworn to finish. As you can see from this picture I showed a few days ago with the creepy cream colored additions on the sides

I have covered them with black and then cut them out from the back. I have added lots of circles (big surprise there) and all but four or five are already sewn down. I think that I shall hand quilt this, so the work won't miraculously be finished up by the end of the week, but will hang around to keep me company for many more a night. I may fuse backing on it like Mel does and do top stitch quilting in the top two layers before I put on a back. I may choose this because the hand dyed fabric is not the easiest to get a needle through although I did pick fabrics that were less dense than lots of the pima I have in my dyed stash. Now, off to the store.


Anonymous said...

The change on the sides really improve the whole piece! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Shake-a-leg, Tommy. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER woulda thought of making bindings to have on hand. Smart!

robinww said...

I'm wondering why you make so many bindings at once. Do you know what you will use them for or are they all-purpose?
Robin, so. IN

Cindra said...

My boot is still in my closet and it has been over a year. Remember to keep your leg up as much as possible. It takes a while for your foot to fully recover.