Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach Babes

It was a day at the beach.
My girlfriend Jayne came for a visit with her daughter Susie and three of her grandchildren. It was the perfect day to park ourselves on the sand. At a specific time, a pre planned Skype call was made FROM THE BEACH!!!!! to
New Zealand to say hi and good morning to hubby and dad. It was almost surreal.
Susie just held up the laptop and Joe got to see his son climbing a wall and then the little
girls talked to him and told him what they were up to. It was like having him right there with us.
I have captured a few action shots; many are very similar to some BayWatch segments
I saw in the past. There was some rivalry, action, mystery, disguise
and the prerequisite bathing beauty sand shot.
Bella was terrified of the kids. She is not accustomed to being around little kids and when they rushed her she was beside herself. She didn't want them close to her at all. But after a few hours of sitting on my lap watching the kids in the water, she went in a little deeper than her normal take a drink at the very edge. She went in farther and farther
and with a little mommy encouragement, she showed her swimming prowess.

This is a particularly hot BayWatch babe. Check out the leg action.
I was granted a farewell photo with some of my very favorite kids. Everyone is heading back to Shanghai (except little Heidi in the raspberry), including grandma who is coming for a visit to help get the kids acclimated in a new school. I'm jealous.

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spikemuffin said...

Deja vu Jason in that face. Wow!