Sunday, July 18, 2010

By Any Other Name

It's lots of fun to have my friend Maggie visit. She is such an easy guest. We went to a dinner dance last night and she went as my brother in law's date.

She likes to cook too so we are always cooking up something.
One such meal me made was Shrimp Risotto with Leeks and Early Peas. It was a big smash. Maggie was also perusing the newspaper and spotted a large article on Slump. Do you know what that is? I never heard of it before so I got to looking on the word and came up with all the various kinds of fruit dishes. Here goes:


This baked dessert dates back to the colonial times. The most common Betty is the Apple Brown Betty which is made with brown sugar. A Betty also calls for buttered bread crumbs.


Buckles are baked and are usually made in one or two ways. The first way is that bottom layer is cake-like with the berries mixed in. Then the top layer is crumb-like. The second way is where the cake layer is on the bottom of the pan, the berries are the next layer and the top is the crumble mixture. Blueberry Buckle is the most prevalent Buckle recipe found.


This is a dessert that originated in the French countryside. It is a dessert that the fruit is topped with either a cake or pudding topping. The Clafouti is often considered a baked pudding.


The fruit filling is put in a deep baking dish and topped with a biscuit dough. The dough may completely cover the fruit or it may just be dropped in handfuls. Either way, a cobbler is baked.


Similar to the Crisp, the topping is crumbled over the fruit filling in the pan. A Crumble is baked.


In this baked dessert, the fruit filling is covered with a crunchy topping which is crumbled over the top.


A Grunt is a stewed or baked fruit dish. The biscuit dough is rolled and put on top of the fruit. The name of Grunt may have come from the noise people made while eating it. Grunts are also known as Slumps.

Pandowdy or Pan Dowdy:

You'll find both spellings in this baked dish. The dough is on top of the fruit and although it is rolled out, it ends up being crumbly.


This dessert is the same as the Grunt.

Are you totally confused by now? And why is all my typing over to the left? Oh dear.
I never know what to call the concoctions so maybe my research will help. AnywayI have decided that Maggie made a Crisp, using an oatmeal crumble on top of peaches, and nectarines and apples left over from the apple pie. Is it a crisp or a crumble? You decide!!!


Melody Johnson said...

I'd love your recipe for shrimp and leek risotto...please!

dee said...

two votes for the risotto recipe.
Wow! do I wish we were closer.

Millie said...

My mouth is watering....peaches & apples with oatmeal it whatever. Tell Maggie Z to head on down here. We can have a cooking fest.

Cindra said...

Pass me a piece of that slump, please!