Sunday, July 25, 2010

Denise, Tim and Cindy

Okay, so these new golf shoes (TipTeeToe) I got
have nothing to do with what I am going to blog. They just happened to be on top of my desk
and I thought you might like to see them. I have worn these black and white ones just this week and my feet looked amazing. Remember, my BFF Micky thought them up, designed them and had them manufactured and are now the hit of women's golf? Just thought I'd mention that.

We found ourselves with a Saturday in the summer with no plans. It rarely happens but tons of rain and a scheduling mixup on my part left G and I with no structure to our Saturday. The golf course was closed due to the massive puddles so we decided to go to a garden center about a half hour away. G needed three little cactus's to replace the dead ones in his zen garden on his desk at work and I needed some beautiful produce and some more herbs (mainly basil) to kick start for my pesto production in September.

I was going through the creamer potatoes looking for all the same size and wondering who I was gonna cook them for when G yelled out, Denise! Here was a very dear friend of ours with her husband (G's fraternity brother) and sister, just passing the time on a little road trip from the Chicago suburbs. We talked what seemed like forever and I asked them to join us for dinner and it was settled; they bring dessert, a mud pie that they always buy when in the area. We hadn't seen these friends for a couple years and we had to get caught up on the kids, weddings, family squabbles, ya know, the regular.

It was the perfect unplanned get together. No pressure to clean the house, have the sink cleared of lunch dishes and our bed wasn't even made. I know, that's a crime. But it's a crime I commit constantly. We had a couple appetizers from the freezer (egg rolls and garlic cheese puffs). Salad consisted of mixed greens, strawberries, blue cheese, tomatoes and sunflower seeds, and a toasted asian dressing. Creamer potatoes were just roasted in the oven and the corn was boiled on the stove. The guys cooked the steaks to perfection and the mud pie was a hit for all. We even had an after dinner rolo (my personal favorite candy).

We hated to see them go but with no plan on an overnight there were the missing items that kept getting in the way- toiletries, meds, clothes, so in the end we had to part company.

I love when things like that happen.


Beth said...

If you made the Asian dressing, will you please post it on your cooking blog? I need a new homemade dressing! Thanx!

Susan Turney said...

How fun! You are so talented and I'm sure your friends tell you that all the time. I can't imagine being able to do all that on the spur of the moment!