Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dress It Up

When Jayne was visiting a couple weeks ago we went to the Gap Outlet and found these simple cotton dresses for under $10. (Ignore the background; it's a new quilt idea on the design wall.) And if you can believe it, they are lined. They would look just perfect with a couple different colored dego's under them. One hitch tho'; the dress was way past my knees and so I had to shorten it. One thing lead to another and I decided to jazz up the dress using the hem remnant and forming a
rose out of part of it. I pinned that on and it seemed to need something else so I went into my scrap drawer and found a couple of fun fabrics that would go well with the dress color with
out being too matchy matchy. They got whipped into littler roses and so far they
are pinned in place, waiting for final judgement as to placement. There is a little pocket that I am working around. A lot of work for a ten dollar dress you say? Maybe it's a $20 dress now!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should remove the pocket entirely instead of working around it? Just an idea. Leave it to you to take a $10 dress and make it "designer". Who said those Project Runway shows were for nothing?!

Millie said...

Too cute!! I picked up a couple of Land's end cotton dresses similar to that. Perfect summer-wear.