Friday, July 09, 2010

Finally No Finials

I was going through the Beacon Fabric catalog I received when I got my outdoor flag fabric and came across a whole section of things to use in mobile homes, campers and boats. One of the things was this flexible pvc doohicky

with a track on the underside. I got to thinking that this would be the perfect way to display quilts on a hall wall that could be changed on occasion.
This tape with these little tabs that slide into the track of the pvc seemed to be the thing that I have been looking for to have a very clean way of hanging quilts. I just measured out the length I needed and sewed it to the top back of a quilt and voila!
I ended up with exactly what I wanted to display my birthday quilt. I know there are lots of ways to display quilts but my house doesn't lend itself well to most of them. I have a more contemporary look and hanging quilts on wooden rods with finials just wouldn't fit in. I found the perfect solution.


Sherall said...

Tommy, your beautiful quilt looks fantastic on that wall. Did the pvc come in different lengths? You always have creative ideas for the mundane.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the perfect solution!

Melody Johnson said...

Love this!!I must look up the link for this catalog

Anonymous said...

Truly, the perfect solution...for your contemporary home, sweet home!

maggie z. said...

can't wait to see this up looks beautiful from here!

Robbie said...

Clever and the quilt loooks great on your wall.