Friday, July 23, 2010


9 Hole Guest Day was a riot. It rained a bit, then poured, then stopped. We were ready to call a halt to the golfing but were shamed when everyone else wanted to finish. The theme was 'Games People Play' and there were questions on each hole to answer for various games. For instance, one question was what are the two letters with the highest point value in Scrabble. It's one of the few questions that I knew the answers for.

Here's my team.
Micky, Laura, Me (with quite a wingspan !) and Linda. We were a team to contend with, that's for sure.Not!!!! Believe it or not, Obama had something to do with some damn fine shots. Try and figure that one out. We were soaked but dried sufficiently to join everyone for the announcing of the winners (not us) and a nice luncheon
of meat filled crepe beggars purses. It tasted wonderful but I thought it was a starter and not the main course so I finagled some of Micky's, as she wasn't as fond of it as I was.
Dessert was homemade cookies and homemade ice cream. Big hit.
I really liked the centerpieces. They were all
game related (hey, Mrs. Hugus, can you make a word out of this?)
but different. I felt like the theme lent itself very well to all sorts of interpretations .
These are just a few of the centerpieces that were close by our table.

I am getting my hair cut today. It's been three months and I am guessing that this will cut any lurking blonde off and leave only gray. I will then decide if I want to stay gray or go back to blonde. I don't think I like my hair this short so will instruct my gal to trim it with a bit of a longer style in mind. Now you know everything.

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Millie said...

What a great theme idea. The centerpieces are terrific. You look good.