Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Gas vs Mass

My daughter and my man are both carbonation lovers. Maggie prefers bubbly water (with gas) to regular. G likes cola more than any person I know, save his brother John. I prefer no bubbles at all. Anyway, for Father's Day Maggie got her dad this contraption
called SodaStream. It's pretty amazing. No electricity or batteries are involved; just a canister of carbonation. You can make your own
varieties of soda as you see here (lemon lime diet and diet cola) and G really likes it. The center bottle is what you use to add the carbonation to regular drinking water. There's nothing like another gadget to put a smile on our faces!!

Now I am going to tell you a very cute story. On Saturday we were hanging around with Micky and her boys and she started to tell us a story of when she was young. Her mom wasn't much of a cook or baker and Micky was jealous of her friends who came to school with homemade cookies in their lunch while she got the kind in a box. Well, one day Micky found out that you could buy cookie dough in the refrigerator section of the market and went home and told her mom. Helen (mom) was open to suggestions and so did indeed go to the store and purchase
the tube of chocolate chip dough. Fifteen minutes later,
the dough was complete. She didn't realize that they were to be sliced. How cute is that? After Micky told me the story, I got a tube and by the time she came for dinner that night, her mom's version of a chocolate chip cookie was waiting on the counter for her. She was thrilled.


Diane said...

Oh how funny!
I LOVE "fizzy" drinks. I could give G a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

Your blog 'titles' are quite clever....but that is really no surprise!

dee said...

Love the story of the cookies. What a nice thing to do for your friend. Hope it gave her a really good laugh.

Cindra said...

I don't see one thing wrong with that cookie.... what will everyone else eat?

Anonymous said...

I have one of those on my kitchen counter gathering dust. At first, the excitement was huge and we had different flavoured syrups and many water bottles. It wasn't long before we reverted to our old bottled waters and 100% fruit juices.
After a while, it was just a PITA driving 30mins just to exchange the gas "cylinders" and so it lost its appeal. Bottled water and juices are just a 5min drive, if that much.

Millie said...

Tommygirl....making that treat for Micky was too cute! Tell her I said hello.