Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Feet

Early evening I was returning to the studio after refilling my itty bitty bowl (yeah, right!) of Cheese Its and had just rounded the corner, passing G in his recliner watching the big screen when I heard him say, Hey it's feet! This is the norm. I can be next to him for ten minutes but the minute I walk out of the room, he starts to talk. This being the norm, I turn around and say the same thing I always say -
He is pointing to the tv screen and what do I see instead of feet?
Pete!!! There was my beautiful son with his ancient lucky hat, at the Sox game. He had a busy day yesterday. Not only did he go on location where they are shooting an indie movie that he is in, but he went back to work after he did his part and still managed to get to a Sox game. Thanks to modern technology, we could rewind the tv show and I got many many clear pictures of Peter on the screen (without flash).

And, as luck would have it, again, the Sox won. When Sox fans are happy, everyone is happy.


spikemuffin said...

The hat alone speaks volumes of dedication. That is not some quiche eating "event" person! That is a Fan'atic!

Gayle from MI said...

Nice lookin kid!
Three of my nephews were in Chicago over the weekend and saw three or four cars and a tow truck that had been badly burned being towed right past them. The stopped in awe (being from a hick little town like Monroe) and were told to keep moving. They figured there was a huge wreck or something but then they were told it was for the movie that was being filmed. I can tell them I know one of the "people" in charge. Well, you know, sort of like that Kevin Bacon thing. HA!