Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Swingin'!!!!

Today is guest day for the nine hole golfers. I only sign up so I can go to the festivities and rarely ever golf. Today is one of the days that I should but I may not. My reason is as follows.

I have had a bad back for thirty years that springs up yearly or so and lasts for a couple weeks to a month. I have missed many a good time because of it but have learned to live with it. This time, after three weeks and a grand friend, I went to a spine specialist who happens to be a good friend of hers. Within an hour with the guy, I had neck and back xrays, muscle relaxers, mild (and I do mean mild) pain meds and a script for two MRI's and physical therapy. Thanks to my friend Maggie I followed through and had a neck MRI, a spine MRI and two out of 16 physical therapy sessions. The back is still bad but I can see the light. Come to find out, it's not the back but my neck discs that seem to be scrunched on my right side that manifest in my back, arm and chest. I got a way to go but have never done anything (thinking there wasn't anything to do) but a few trips to a chiropractor for temporary relief. So, I may not be golfing but I will be there and fake a few swings, and somehow end up with a winning score. Ha ha ha... just kiddin'. I will be there anyway.

Last night was the pre party and I signed up for bringing an appetizer. I decided on my mini BLT's

This is an old picture of them; I no longer toast the bread because I feel like it tastes better with just regular white bread. I also now use the Pepperidge Farm Very Thin bread and it seems to work better. I use a 1 1/4" biscuit cutter and they make grand little morsels. I took 88 of them to the party last night and they were gone in.35 minutes. They were a very big hit and very refreshing. I will post the recipe (more the technique, we can all make BLT's) later when I have more time.

Right now, Bella has to go to daycare.


Sherall said...

Tommy, I'm so glad you're getting to the source of your back problems. You've toughed through them for a long time. You have a good friend in Maggie.

Melody Johnson said...

Great news about the back solution. I too suffer from intermittent back pain and it is misery when it flares up.

Anonymous said...

....and to think of ALL you do, WITH a permanent crick in your neck....I can only imagine the WILD things you will do, when you are truly at 100%.

Watch out, America


Cindra said...

So glad you are being proactive. Hope you are swinging for real soon!

Millie said...

Stick with the physical therapy and be careful not to undo what therapist is doing for you. Also, ask for a 'Tens Machine' script. Whenever you feel the ache, slap it on.

Yoga on the beach is helping me.