Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kitchen Kinks

It's interesting when I have a camera already in the kitchen. It brings about much more trivial but highly important stuff that is constantly going on in my house. Take this for example. This is two pounds of a good quality parmesan reggiano cheese that I grated, using the actual grating blade instead of my regular food processor blade. I was ready to dump it in a bowl when I noticed some little white balls. They were the size of four pieces of sea salt glued together (even I think that is a pathetic analogy). I thought that maybe I left some of the packaging on but realized I couldn't have because I would have noticed cutting off the thick outer surface.

Upon further inspection I saw that I was actually
grating the 'stuff the stuff down the tube' thingy. I was so shocked!! I have had this forever and it never happened before. Then the light bulb went off and I went back to the appliance pantry
and found the other 'stuff the stuff down the tube' thingy, not realizing that they could possibly be different sizes when the bowls to my two Cuisinart's were the same size. Ya learn something new every day. It was back to the store for more cheese for me.
This crazy photo is of a pastry sheet with and without the help of my pasta machine. The bottom form is one third of one of two pastry sheets that come in the Pepperidge Farm frozen pastry sheets box. Instead of rolling out the sheet as thin as possible for a recipe that calls for just that, I popped it through the pasta machine and let it do all the hard work. I love technology!!
Leftover crusts are great to feed the ducks and other happy animals but I always choose to use them to my advantage. I just let them get as hard as rocks on my porch (yeah, it's screened)
and when they are like granite, I put them in the naughty food processor and turn it on and walk away. They turn out perfectly
and I freeze them but of course, you certainly don't have to if you have gotten out all the moisture that could cause you difficulty later on. When I accumulate enough, I use them as party favors. I get the oddest of looks but I am nothing if not green.
Another appetizer that I had on my list to make and freeze calls for another batch of soft white sandwich bread with the crusts cut off (more party favors). I distinctly asked that care be taken when placing them in my bags. Good job, wouldn't ya say?
Pasta maker to the rescue!! They turned out as good as they can be. Unfortunately, I have only done these two to see if they would work. I have 78 more to do. Guess what I am doing today?


Pammyfay said...

Bread + water makes a duck's belly expand, or so I've been told (never actually seen a duck belly-up). Don't think that's a good thing.

Melody Johnson said...

I wouldn't worry about the ducks.

But the breadcrumbs as party favors had me in hysterics! Now I want to consider more wacky favors like that.

All I need are people who would show up for a party.

Sherall said...

Great idea for the pasta machine. I'll have to round mine up. Would you be making Hanky Panky?

Anonymous said...

The bread makes me laugh. I recall my daughter (when she was around 3 or 4) telling the man packing our groceries---- "Don't squish the bread, it makes Mommy grumpy!"

Karen S in Edmonton