Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mad Women

We went to a zany Mad Men party last night. It was set up outside with a big screen and all so that if we had time (haha) we could watch a few episodes. A few of us got into the swing of the thing and wore outfits to fit the occasion.
Regina actually had on an outfit (the matching jacket was on the chair; way too hot) that was her dearly departed mothers right out of the Mad Men era. She also acted as cigarette girl and did a bang up job. Notice the flipped hair? Nice touch.

Linda was all dolled up in the appropriate shirtwaist with pearls, fluffy hair, and a nice shade of pale pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow. I wore a dress that I made in the 80's for a 50's party and wasn't as appropriate but it was in the costume box so I made due. There wasn't a lot of breathing going on with it because I was poured into it like a sausage casing. I tried to have pointy boobs by putting in a couple layers of pellon in my strapless in a pointy shape but the dress was so tight that it just flattened it down. You can't tell from this picture but Linda did the same and hers came out perfect.

To round out the night I made creamed chipped beef with toast points and dill pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham. Linda made the customary pigs in a blanket. Martini's were flowing and every one had a gay ole' time.


Anonymous said...


You all have the most fun!

W. from VA

maggie z. said...

wow, you all look very festive!! sorry i missed it...

dee said...

Groovy chicks! Love your dress & a Regina sighting too!

Love watching Mad Men-worked in Manhattan during that time period and they have it down perfectly. Lots of booze, cigarettes, and wild parties but I'm still sworn to secrecy...hic