Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Nice Thing To Do

I feel that it's never too early to teach a gal the right etiquette as far as gift giving and receiving is concerned. I think my girl did a smash up job.
My kitchen counter timer went on the fritz so Maggie and I went to get a new one and to my joy and amazement I found one that was a pig! And to make the shopping trip complete
and what with sweet corn season fast approaching, how could I go wrong with these corn holders. They will look very nice indeed, holding up my favorite Peaches and Cream corn. Yum!!


Anonymous said...

That says big grin...!

Sherall said...

Peaches and cream corn??? Now I'm curious. Love the pigs. My best friend collects pigs so I give her a new little one every Christmas. Now how about a pig roast in the sandy wash?