Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh What A Night!

We were naughty last night. Or rather it started in the afternoon. My friend Maggie Z. flew in around noon from her home in Florida to spend a week with me. Mutual friends knew of her arrival and said that they would stop by. At around 4:30 it started. Laura and Genie came directly from the store with a bottle or two of wine. Linda came shortly after that. Out came the chips and salsa. There was a bit of body shifting, and changing of the guard and joining us
were Lis and her dog Teddie, fresh from the beach. It's starting to get dark now. Gordon was having some chicken and Teddie was much more interested in that than my Bella. We popped some appetizers in the oven and then we were joined by Micky, who brought us a pizza. G said he was going to the store for a candy run and everyone put in their order. Micky wanted mini pretzels, pecan halves and mini rolos.

As soon as he was back from the store, Mick made us a delectable treat that she just learned of from her son's girlfriend. First she laid down the mini pretzel then the rolo and then the pecan half and after five minutes in the oven to melt the chocolate and caramel the treat was complete.
It was a very proud moment.

We were gonna lose Lis because she said she was just walking the dog and her son was home waiting for something for dinner. I gave her a choice of dinners and popped it in the oven so she could stay longer. Eventually her son called (tracking her from her walking pattern) and she eventually had to go home, several hours later. Laura still had groceries in her car when G volunteered to take her home. It was nothing if not impromptu. And a lot of fun!!!


sistersoftheart said...

Sounds like a great way to entertain - impromptu progressive! The Rollo concoction is the bomb!! We used them for part of a dessert tray at a spring luncheon our painting group hosted in May. Everyone wanted the recipe!

Cindra said...

That is the way life is meant to be lived... spontaneously!