Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pie Faced

It's hotter than hell here. Our north house has had warmer temperatures than the south. That's a rarity. We pretty much stay in the house except for a occasional fast trip into a store or whatever.

We were at a garden store last weekend that had wonderful produce and it gave G the idea that he wanted an apple pie. They had plenty of apples but no pies in sight. On the way back home in the late afternoon we stopped at the bakeries in the little towns that we passed but they were all closed. After being home an hour or so G couldn't get the pie vision out of his mind and so headed off to our local grocery. He came back with Rocky Road ice cream (long gone) and said that they did indeed have apple pies but they cost $6.99 and so had a donut instead.
That was a few days ago. Maggie and I decided to surprise G last night and have an apple pie finishing up the baking when he walked in from work. Our timing was perfect and the pie smelled heavenly. I don't make the very best looking crust but I would rather have it less processed and more flaky. It has a bit of the country look to it and anyway aren't I a Country Gal? Nahhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that I feel like baking when it's 95 degrees in the shade? I've been wanting to make some banana bread and I have some rhubarb in the freezer from farmers market that is calling me!


vivian said...

I'm not an apple pie eater but that pie sure looks good! Makes me want to make a chicken pot pie-I think I will! Thanks!

quiltpeace said...

Tommy.. How sweet to make a pie for him and especially to time it for his arrival! The crust looks great. I'm married to a chef (so pleasing him by cooking/baking anything just isn't happening) and my daughter is a chef, so your "rustic" crust looks just wonderful to me. Leave the *striving for perfection* to the professionals...yours is much more appealing.

Robbie said...

Pie looks good but how are the LEGS???

Cindra said...

What are you talking about? That crusty looks sugary, yummy good!

Anonymous said...

My Mom's pie crust never looked like much, but it was the absolute best crust I've ever had. Hope everyone enjoyed the pie.

Lois K