Saturday, July 03, 2010

Very Late Post

I'm a little late at the blog today. We have a full house and I mean full. All beds are to be filled with sun touched family members. What's with these dogs on the dining room table? We walked in to find them all up on the table because there was a chair that wasn't pushed under. These crazy dogs.
Cousin Bea posed for the camera. She likes to sit on her rump just like a kid.
Once again, these two chick are waiting for the return of the dad's from the grocery store.
Lunch today consisted of Vienna Beef hot dogs and MaryAnn poppyseed buns steamed in our own brand new personal steamer. I just love an umbrella on a steam cart. The dogs were
dressed with all the customary stuff for a Chicago Style hot dog. Not pictured but present were celery salt, mustard and ketchup, which happens to NOT be a component of the style of dog. We are in Indiana tho' so we can get away with it.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!!


Cindra said...

I love that those "girls" know they can do anything and get away with it because they are so loved! Not a guilty look amongst them.

I also love your authenticity! Who else would have a cart with an umbrella!

Irene said...

Looks to me that they wanted to lie on the quilt and read the paper.

dee said...

Adorable girls! They are so funny. Love the hot dog cart. I've got ribs and corn on the cob almost done. Strawberry cheesecake for dessert.
Happy 4th Tommy

Marcia said...

What a fabulous view to wake up to each both places!!