Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back On Track

I am on cloud nine. I have almost completed quilting my new piece. I was very hesitant to sit at the machine that long but I remained erect and took my time . Hey, it's the little things.

This is my traction device. You lie down and place your forehead in the velcro loop and those
two black spongy things get tightened lightly around your neck. The actual traction is caused when you pump the
bicycle pump gadget which causes the frame to elongate. Does that make sense? It's pretty damn easy and they make it easy to transport
by having it's very own carrying case. Who knew?
Pesto production went off with out a hitch. I use a glass to hold my freezer bag while I fill it with two big scoops of pesto. I stack the bags up on a cafeteria tray and pop them in the freezer and use them until they are gone and the pesto season is again here. I will repeat this next month when my newer plants get more mature.

And it's another lovely day.

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Christine Thresh said...

What a good idea to use a glass to hold a freezer bag while you are filling it.
Thanks for the tip.