Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day Without Wine Is No Day Of Mine

Wait until you hear this. I got my yearly script for a mammogram from my doctor (at Northwestern) and called for the next available. This was two weeks ago. The earliest appointment? March 2011. Yes, seven months and I am a regular patient, not the new patient that gets the last possible time slot. This is unacceptable. What if, I had a reason to get the test in the first place, say for CANCER. Would seven months out be much of a wait? Every time I think about it I get furious. So I talked to my doctor and she said she would mail be a generic prescription and I could have it locally. Now cut back to yesterday. I went to the local hospital to have my bone density test and while I was there I gave the scheduler my mammo script and she said 'just a minute' and came back almost immediately and said that I could do both of them now. I was in and out after two tests in twenty minutes. So, it's done and I saved three hours of traffic, gas, $20 parking, and that's not to mention the waiting game in a freezing room with twenty other women in gaping hospital gowns waiting for their turn. Phew. I am still in awe. The equipment locally is state of the art and the tech was pleasant and professional and I have had enough of boob manipulation to know that she knew what she was doing. Lesson learned.

I got the word at golf on Tuesday that the one time in the year that the sun is BEHIND the Chicago skyline was that night. I got into celebration mode and invited a dozen or so over for sunset to view the rare seen skyscape. They all came and we ate and drank and watched the clouds completely cover the skyline and we saw nothing but each other. It's okay.
This is what it looked like last night and you can see that it would have been so cool to have those barely visible skyscrapers lit up from behind with the sun right on their back. There's always next year.
Coming in 1st place (on the back nine) in the Celebrate Summer gala that the 6, 9, and 18 holers had on Tuesday was miniscule compared to the finding a new mantra for myself. We humble winners (the club champion just happened to be the 18 holer on my team) received a bottle of wine (I gave mine away; Indiana Reisling? Why you ask?) and this glass pate server with a lovely knife. But the best thing of the day? The saying on the server; A Day Without Wine Is No Day Of Mine. It's right up there with Conserve Water; Drink Wine and There Will Be No More Wine Before It's Time...It's Time! and the tried and true Wine Is My Favorite Food Group. All that, from a Weak Wino. Life is good.


Margie said...

How about the "I cook with wine and sometimes I put some in the food."

Cindra said...

Have all of your other mammo's sent to the new place so they can properly evaluate from year to year. I had to do that when I changed my location.. it helps them be more thorough... they have a base.

Anonymous said...

I work at Northwestern (in another department) and I can't even get an appointment without an extremely long wait. Last year I booked my appointment the day I was there - 12 months in advance. I have spoken with an administrator and was told that the problem is that they do not have enough qualified radiologists to read the exams. Northwesten only accepts doctors who have done a special fellowship in breast imaging. I feel that the long wait is totally unacceptable.