Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fancy Nancy

Can you also boast of the best friends in the whole wide world? Yesterday I got a care package from my BFF Nancy in California. She sent me some things that she had picked up on her shopping junkets that she thought I would like. Her note said that she has accumulated a few things for me over time but had not as yet gotten around to either mailing them or bringing them when she visited. What a delight for me to be thought of so well. And, more importantly, GIFTS!!!!
First I opened a metal candle stand consisting of two flat topped asian looking piggies. I know just the place for this.
My friend Peggy will be jealous of this sign because she seems to think it's all about her!!!! She is so wrong about that and I think she is starting to realize it, ah Peg?
The creme de la creme in my big box of goodies was this grouping of three raku ceramic pigs.
They nestle together just perfectly. These pigs are quite substantial too; the large one is 9" wide. Thanks Nance, you are a doll.

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Robbie said...

Love all the 'gifts' but the 3 ceramic pigs are the best!!!