Monday, August 30, 2010

Felix The Cat

The Hotel Felix is a gut of an old transient hotel. I have been told that it was closed due to the blatant drug traffic and prostitution going on but hey, for whatever reason,
it's a little doll house now. The rooms are very small but then who cares? The beds are standard queen size, the pillows are excellent and the bottles of water only cost $2.50 instead of the comparable price of competitive boutique hotels that charge $4. Not that I EVER use the water furnished in the room. I wouldn't on principal.
Cute little shower and bath and to make the room user friendly, there's free wifi, a desk and
drawers in the bottom of the beds, instead of dressers. It's just perfect!!!


Anonymous said...

I clicked to enlarge the picture and noticed the shabby blanket and the marks in the wood of the bed....uhmmmm. There used to be a blogger (she stopped blogging)who was and still is for all intent purpose, a prolific quilter. She said she always took a quilt with her when staying in hotels. She stripped the hotel beds of their top cover and used her quilt instead. Makes sense, doesn't it. That way you probably avoid getting the bugs.

Nancy said...

Very nice for "name your price!" Nancy