Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Cleanup

Today is a very special day. Three things come to mind; yesterday was my last physical therapy, (yeah!), I have a new housekeeper and it's pesto time!!!! Now, one thing at a time.

Therapy felt good and I got to know the people there and they were pretty fantastic. I will miss that. What I won't miss is having to go twenty minutes each way for a forty minute exercise session. I have my own traction machine to stretch the neck, that seems to make the back the pain in the ass it is. I will take a picture of it when I have the inclination to do so. It's pretty cool.

Next up, Cheryl. She is upstairs as I type. She seems to be fantastic, with an easy manner and smile and Bella already loves her. I have fingers and toes crossed that we will hit it off to begin with. I was showing her this new little vacuum I purchased a couple weeks ago so I don't have to lug the big canister around and when I pulled it out of the corner in the studio, the bottom was full of cob webs. Embarrassed!!! That will hopefully be a thing of the past.
Lastly, it's pesto production and yeah, it's little early. For some reason our two biggest plants (which are more like bushes) started to shrivel and I figured it was past their prime and so spent yesterday picking the leaves and measuring and washing. I have changed the way I process the basil because the measure before and after washing is completely different. Now I measure out the eight cups before washing and place it on it's very own towel and after washing and fluffing to get it dry, I just take each towel to the food processor because each recipe I make calls for eight cups. This morning (again, thank you Cheryl because you will be cleaning up!!!)
I have assembled the garlic (my double recipe I make each time calls for 16 cloves),
walnuts (which I have forever replaced pine nuts for- I can't tell the difference except in the wallet!),
olive oil, salt,
parmesan (I buy the bulk finely grated that we grew up on) and
my little corner of the kitchen where full production is in play. I will be doing this again in September when the rest of my plants are at the ready. And to top it off, it's a beautiful day!! I think I just made a rhyme!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that little pig picture ;) Do you have more like that one on your kitchen walls?


Cindra said...

My husband has one of those machines that hangs on the door top and it looks like a jock strap. He says it doesn't, but I swear it does. He puts his chin in the white chin holder and then cranks it so it stretches... or something. He's already over 6'10"... I am sure it is going to make him taller. Is that what yours looks like?