Sunday, August 08, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

We arrived home from out day trip just in time to get ready for a birthday party. I didn't have much time to make any contribution so I opted to make the delicious treats that Micky taught me how to do a couple weeks ago.
Talk about easy, the only part that took any time was taking the wrappers off the mini rolo's. G
was happy to do that job with the condition that any rolo that fell was fair game for him to eat. I thought that was more than fair.
The birthday party was a big deal. It was six of our friends that are turning sixty this year. It is somewhat of a tradition because they did the same thing for their fiftieth, what? ten years ago?
One of the birthday boys just happened to have a chef for a son so Matt did the cooking and a fine job he did. We had pulled pork, brats, burgers and all the sides you could ask for. The dessert table was massive, somewhat dwarfing my culinary skills for the evening.
One of the sixty something couples were none other than Genie and hubby Bruce. Unfortunately Bruce used up all his dancing interest in the one dance so Genie had to go
elsewhere for companionship. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Then it was outside for
the setting out of Chinese Sky Lanterns, and each of the birthday couples got one to send
hurling into space. I had never seen them before. These were purchased on line but check out this link to make your own.
They were very cool and as they each took their turn manning the lanterns,
they billowed and took off, joining those that went before.
They were out of sight before we knew it; just like our fifties!


Cindra said...

What a fabulous idea!

Melody Johnson said...

What a great party! I wish I were there.