Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Always Time For Scrabble

You know what a Scrabble buff I am, don't ya? Well, while hitting some art stores a couple weeks back I came upon the perfect gift for a Scrabble lover. And here it is.
It's a clock and this one happens to spell out metaphysical, but it really doesn't have to spell anything. I sent it to my Scrabble partner, Nancy, and I just got the heads up that she received it so I can show you. I certainly could have made it myself but then I always say that.
All it is made with is a CD and a clock mechanism that you can get at any craft store and some scrabble tiles. I think you should consider this for your holiday crafting. Check out the thrift stores for less than complete Scrabble games. You could also make a checkers clock, or any came that has recognizable parts that can be glued on a CD. Get your thinking caps on.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I love Scrabble, too. (I just discovered Scrabble Solitaire. I'm warning you - don't go there!!!)

Pammyfay said...


Cool idea!

Elba said...

It's very creative!!!! :)