Sunday, August 01, 2010

July 31st!

I realized late in the day that after I had started yesterdays blog, all hell broke loose at the house and I never got back to it. It was about my exciting gardening skills and you will get to see it, maybe tomorrow. Right now I have to get back in the sweat shop with Mike and Anne where we are

cranking out all sorts of quilting and sewing. We had a beautiful day that could leave the air conditioning off and whip open the doors and windows. It was a perfect summer day, the last of July.
For lunch we invited a few over for my current fixation, steamed hotdogs, buns and french fries. It seems such a shame for setting up the steamer for just a couple so we had some company to join us.
The sunset was as nice as the total day had been. Here's hoping for another today!!!!

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