Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh, What A Night!

We met up with the kids and went to the Friday the Thirteenth night game of the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. It just so happened to also be the famed
Elvis night. Long before we got to the field, the White Sox gave out sideburns as a give away that the masses had on while getting their fill of beer and brats. It was a pretty funny sight.
First came one Elvis via parachute trying to get to the big yellow X that was on the outfield. Then the second Elvis tried. Then the REAL Elvis came and his chute was the American flag. The anthem singer was none other than the REAL Elvis
and the fans came out in droves looking like the REAL Elvis. I think I actually DID see the REAL Elvis.

The Sox were winning, 6 to 2 when the rain came. And boy did it come. The tarps came out and we headed home. We thought for sure that the game would not continue and with 6 and a half innings under their belt, the Sox were for sure a winner. By the time we hit Indiana and home, the rain was non existent and the game did commence. We won with two more points, clobbering all those Elvis impersonators from Michigan with a score of 8 to 2. Yeah!!!!!


Cindra said...

Nothing worse than soggy sideburns! Sounds like great fun!

spikemuffin said...


Nic said...

Love that you had an Elvis night! We went to the SF Giants game on Monday (vs. Cubs) and it was Jerry Garcia Night! The give away was jerry garcia bobblehead dolls and they had the remaining members of Grateful Dead singing the anthem and at the 7th inning stretch. gotta love SF.

Anonymous said...

Something wrong with the pic format? They won't enlarge when clicked on, so couldn't see the 'Elvis' in gold.