Monday, August 23, 2010

Paper or Plastic

Yesterday was a beautiful day so out came the bikes. We went to the art fair and gave out bottles of water(for a $1) for the rotary and ran into lots of friends and others. While sitting there and talking to a couple girls, one commented on the camouflaged looking tree right behind us.
I tried to convince those around me that it was natural and that it was NOT a painted tree, that no one would paint on a living tree in a park that was thirty feet high. Yes, people have painted the bottoms of some trees to keep off predators and yes, some have even highly decorated and painted dead trees but this was not one of those. It looked so 'army like' that I could see how you could think it was at first glance. I think that being at an art fair had something to do with the painted tree theory.
The art was very good and as much as I love art, I just wasn't in the shopping mood. I preferred to sit and ice down water bottles and chat. At some point in our stint, the real issue of hunger came upon us. I told Micky that I would buy if she went and got us something to eat. She mentioned that she had the very same thought but had me going to get the food. We were both too lazy so we started to think of alternatives. We looked for kids that we could pay to go and get something. We were voicing our dilemma to a friend who was hanging around chatting and she (being at least 20 years our senior) volunteered to go. I was contrite. Okay, I will get off my ass and go (the food concessions being a few blocks away). Then what should appear but a girl in the hospitality booth next to us, suggesting that she give me a ride on her golf cart. I acquiesced, got the ride and WALKED back with hotdogs prepared with the works and chips. We already had water (about 50 dozen bottles!) Yeah, you are thinking, she biked for miles but can't walk three blocks? Hey, what can I say, it happens.

Next up was a charming girl that we got to chatting with and I commented on how cool her purse was and she said that she and her daughter made it out of plastic bags. Have you heard of such a thing? Me either.
This is a little clutch she had inside her purse. There is absolutely no sewing. I do need to do this.
Here is her purse. It's a bad picture, I know, but the purse is like a messenger bag that the top flaps over. She is pointing to a pocket that her daughter did. I am guessing that the girl was quite young because her mother was not yet out of her thirties .

I have to do this. My problem is that I no longer have plastic bags around the house. I am going to have to gather up some from friends and try this. Here is a link on how to do it. I found it very easily by typing into google, making purses out of plastic bags.

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Melody Johnson said...

That camo tree is a sycamore. We have a couple on the property and Dave was certain that deer ate off the bark. I went to look and saw that we have two specimens, fully intact. No chew marks.