Monday, August 09, 2010

Struttin' Around

We had a fun weekend, hitting Saugatuck, Douglas and South Haven. My favorite by far? Douglas. It is only a mile from Saugatuck, if that, and it has had a wonderful face lift in the last couple years. It is spruced up with new galleries and restaurants. It seems like a new sibling that's more hip than the other two water towns. And it isn't as crowded.
I loved this sign in a store window in South Haven. Normally a store just shuts off the open sign but I like this presentation so much better.
This large fish that stands outside of a large artist compound that was a collaboration between local children, a metal sculptor, Josh Russell, and a painter, Steve Rubinkam. It is called The Great Rainbow Trout.
The color parts of the trout are made up of the lining of built up paint in the painters mixing bowl. After they are abandoned, they become dry and flexible and are just ripped out of the bowl. He must have been saving these for a very long time!
This is actually where Steve, the painter, does his work. I don't think I could get anything done with someone watching over my shoulders. And come on, can't the guy have a little more space?
My favorite store in Saugatuck is Good Goods and they have this beautifully painted and kinda quilted furniture up stairs. Immediately when Bella saw this dog chair she hopped on it. It was definitely a no no. We, of course, thought it was adorable!!!!!


vivian said...

That's a great chair!!

dee said...

Perfect chair for Bella. Looks like a fun place. Belated Happy B'day to all the lovely women. Isn't 60 the new 40? That's what they told me a couple of years ago. They wouldn't lie to me...would they? Sorry I've been missing a lot.
Been busy with shower & wedding plans-one month to go! Sept. 4th...woo hoo. I could use some of those Pecan Rolos, and a big glass of wine....BIG

Karen said...

Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing.