Monday, August 16, 2010


When we were heading into Chicago yesterday, we came to realize very quickly that traveling on highways that are full of construction barricades and having part of the Air Show in the sky above do not necessarily go hand in hand. It was very trying to stay in our very little lane and not be distracted. Once we got to the kids house, the noise that an overhead plane made was quite loud, almost making the floors shake. I have never attended one of the shows and only saw the practicing in the sky's overhead the day or two before the show when we lived in the city. Like most folks that go to a weekend get away, the last place a Chicagoan stays is in the city on a weekend. All the suburbanites (now I am one) come in to the city in droves and you pretty much can't get out of your driveway on a Saturday or Sunday.

Having said all that, I am putting the Air and Water Show on my Bucket List.

Another thing, Illinois has Illinois Department of Transportation so I am guessing that Iowa, Indiana and Idaho do too. I wonder if that gets confusing.
We were walking to the restaurant we had reservations for, Folklore, an Argentinean place, and I happened to check out this bar and I LOVED the marque, Small Bar, with the letters going from large to small and back again.
I only took two pictures which is pretty normal because by the time the first appetizer course comes, I am much more into eating than I am sharing photos. The idea just goes out the window after a bite or two. This first picture is Argentina's answer to saganaky. It is provolone and it was most excellent.
Our other appetizer was two forms of empanadas, the big one being spinach and the smaller rounder version was ham and cheese. It was served with chimichurri and equally delectable. Our main courses were very large pieces of meat. Very Large. We ended the meal at the kid's favorite gelato place and we all got combos, mine being banana and caramel but hands down, Peter's blood orange stole the show.
We came back to the house to be not so much greeted by their cat Isadora as going to her throne and holding court. She is a little thing, only six pounds as compared to our last cat, Opey who weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds but she is a character, none the less. Bella stayed home this trip.

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