Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tall Ships

Did you know that, at least on a Mac, you can right click a picture and then click on Show Photo Info and it tells you lots of stuff, including the date the picture was taken? I love the feature. I guess it can bite you in the ass if you tend to enhance say, your quilt picture when you send it to a show? The history of the photo, it's corrections and changes, goes with it. It's good to know. Anyway, I was looking out the window on Monday (I couldn't remember the day so that's what got me started on the right click thingy.)
and I thought I was seeing things. I immediately thought of Columbus and knew for sure that I was delusional .
Then a while later, there it was again. Come to find out, the Tall Ships were on their way to Chicago from all over the world
This was the front page of the Tribune a couple days ago. It's something that I have to see. So, Micky and I are heading to the Windy City to check out the Tall Ships Show. Say that five times fast!!!!

We got together and did the name your price for a four star hotel on Priceline. We got one for $75. I am a virgin at this and got a major kick out of it. It's like anything else though, when you get the price you ask for you second guess yourself, thinking you could have gotten t it cheaper.
We're never happy.

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Anonymous said...

Scott found a good price at the Westin (4 star) Hotel in Lombard last week - $75.00. Coincidence?