Sunday, August 29, 2010

That Was Easy

Knock on wood but sometimes it's as easy as using the
Easy Button. I count on them regularly and that may be an indication of my smashingly good luck. Ya think? This is not a stock photo in google images. I actually have these buttons. I gave up the Ouija board because it works better with more than one person and the Easy Button can be done by one.

My current stroke of good luck has to do with the new housekeeper I have. Cheryl has been in my employ for going on three weeks and is just fabulous. She is self directed, local, clever, and efficient. The best attribute she has is that she loves

BELLA! In fact, Bella is going for a sleep over tonight at Cheryl's house. She will meet the family and endear herself to them. Who could resist this precious little girl? Always the lady.

We are off to the big city for the last day of Tall Ships and just because girls just wanna have fun. The weather promises to be very hot and dry. The only drawback on picking this particular day to take off is that the Emmys are on tonight and I doubt that Micky and I will be heading back to the hotel early to see the start of the show. Lots of times that's the best part, depending on who is hosting. And I have no idea who has that honor this year. My gal Claudia reminded me of the Emmy's or I would have forgotten to tape it. Thanks C. Gotta run.

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