Monday, August 02, 2010

Tommy Thumb

I got a call about not blogging and I said I did but because I posted the pictures on Saturday, the date was wrong and so that's why this didn't show up until now. Sorry.

My gardening friends out there are gonna hang their head in my shame. I decided to buy some more basil plants in the hopes of cultivating a bit more before pesto season rolls around.
This is what one of my three deck pots looked like the day after I planted two basil plants in each enormous pot. That's a green thumb for you. I have never had such horrible luck and in ONE DAY!!!! So I went back to the garden store in pursuit of new basil only to be told that the shipment doesn't come in for a couple days. I milled around and found the basil that I had purchased and planted.
It was big and luscious and was by the Michigan tomatoes. They still had tons of that so I thought I would try again.
What I did this time was read the back where it says can I plant my basil? No. It was grown in very clean water and replanting in soil was just a bit more than the basil can take. Yeah!!!! It wasn't me. I went home and waited for the call that the basil was in. It came and I went and
this time, got the right stuff. I know I should thin this out; there are probably fifteen shoots in the pot but I just can't. It seems mean and cruel I just can't do it. The basil looks great and it just softly rained, so all is well.


Melody Johnson said...

The basil actually does better clustered together like that, so don't fret.
Now in my basil patch-es I have had some sorry looking plants, some nice ones and some GIGANTIC FABULOSO ones. I think it is the amount of shade in the afternoon + the soil. The ones on the east which get gentle morning light do the best.
Basil will grow so fast from seed that it can be planted once a week all summer and you will have it coming out of your ears in no time!

Anonymous said...

Yum, I can actually smell it!!!