Friday, September 24, 2010

Breathe Right

Check up what my man has strapped onto him. He is partaking in a 24 hour monitor. It is to rule out arrhythmia due to the fact that if all checks out, he will be having a procedure to possibly cure his sleep apnea. It all started last fall when he got a cold. It didn't seem possible at the time but after many sleepless and noisy nights G started in with doctors to see what the problem was. There is a procedure for all of this; insurance dictates the stages you have to go through to address apnea. First it's the Star Wars hose, then a massive mouth apparatus that hurt like hell and now they are going to do something surgically. It's hell getting old.

The college roommates are coming today to a not so good weekend. It was hard this summer to pick a time when everyone could be here. I have made no plans and feel a little guilty about it but then, half the time we just wing it anyway. It's always a party when we get together.


maggie z. said...

hope all goes well for the g-man..sounds like a terrific weekend..great thing you have all the goodies stacked up in the freezer, now all you have to do is pop open a bottle and enjoy the company!!

Robbie said...

Well, the alternative to getting old isn't so good either! Hope all goes well.