Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Customer Service or DisService

I thought it was kinda odd that when I ordered the babies room furniture from Babies R Us, we never set up a delivery time. Soon, and I mean real soon I figured out why. It comes with regular UPS and is unassembled. I was very surprised and a little embarrassed to do that to the kids. They thought nothing of it and I guess, with Ikea and all, it's the sign of the time. Maria is an actor and this past Saturday she put in a full 12 hours faking symptoms for doctors to be tested on for Kaplan Medical. Pete decided to put the furniture together.
The crib was already done and came out perfectly. So his day's job was the dresser and the changing table. Up first, the dresser.
This is what we ordered.

This is what Maria saw when she came home from work that Peter slaved over. He didn't know it was wrong.
The changing table is awkward and didn't go together fitting right. The doors are too small and don't shut. And get this, a changing table doesn't come with the little corral pieces that keep the changing pad and baby in the right place. You have to order that separately. What a racket!

I asked Gordon if he could take care of these problems. I emailed him the pictures and the orders. He is now, a day later, as pissed as he can be with the company. The made the mistake but will not come and pick up the error. They told him we need to disassemble the pieces and box them up and return them in order to get credit. Being the good recyclers that my kids are, they had already broken down the boxes and all. The current solution for G is to go and get the two pieces, take them to our plant and saran wrap pallets around them and send them back. We shall see if he follows through.

He told whoever he talked to that he was going to inform all venues that crossed his path of the shoddy customer service that the Toys R Us. I wanted Maria to chuck registering at Babies R Us but don't have the nerve to ask her. Would it be biting off her nose to spite her face?


Gayle from MI said...

Baby's are us is not the only place you can register. Ask if she would consider registering at Target as well. Not to mention all of the independant places. I would have a hard time not sending back the whole kit and kaboodle and buying something similar at a "real" furniture store. Probably would last longer any way.

daughter said...

A lot of my friends register at BuyBuyBaby.

Karen said...

I hope lots of people read your blog and take this complaint to heart. Too many businesses these days have no service after the sale. We paid extra to have our son and dil's baby furniture delivered and set up. We figured that way my kids couldn't be held liable for any damage or missing parts. They got the baby's furniture at USA Baby.

Cindra said...

We preferred Buy Buy Baby to Babies R Us. You can also use the 20% off coupone from Bed Bath and Beyond there. My kids have had nothing but great experiences there and the prices were even a little better.

Beth in TN said...

Consider all of us grandmas warned and armed with word of mouth to be sure to tell any and all to steer clear of Babies R Us! They don't know who they screwed with, do they?

Anonymous said...

Ask Maria...nicely....FOR THE BABY"S SAKE ...smile smile...not to register at Babies R Us. there are, indeed, plenty of other baby stores.

This "grandmother" (of 8) is irate also.

Pammyfay said...

Keep calling Babies R Us customer service and go up the chain of command. Explain your unhappiness that they are not taking responsibility for their mistake and that you want your reverse shipping costs credited to your credit card--and that if they were a reputable company they'd give you a gift certificate to compensate you for the hassle of their mistake.

You could also write a letter to your credit-card company challenging their shipping fee (you have to write, they won't do anything in a phone call).

You did ask BR-US to send you a postage-paid return-shipping sticker, right? That's the least they can do; you two are doing the un-assembly and schlepping.

Anonymous said...

I'd send it ALL back. The crib too looks cheap and ugly anyways. Wish I could say "send me some money" and I'll ship the furniture out from here to you. You'd never regret it and it could be passed between your kids.....that is how fabulous the quality is here. Yes, I know I am being conceited. Anyways, how about making a Saturday run to IKEA to see what they have?
BTW Big Congrats on your first GRAN!