Saturday, September 04, 2010


We had some very good food this past week in the big city. In fact my daughter Maria and I built our own pizza at a sports bar called The Pitch. We chose pulled pork, mushrooms and swiss cheese with chipolte bbq sauce.
Here's what it looked like before we scarfed it down. It was amazing. In an attempt to recreate it, I got myself some pork tenderloin to make the pulled pork out of.
I show you this repulsive picture with two of the four tenderloins already taken out of the pan for a reason. This is a dollar store throwaway pan and I love to use them when it's just messy stuff I am roasting. In order to get the pork up off the bottom of the pan I make my own version of a rack. I just take a piece of foil and scrunch it up and lay one of these under each tenderloin. Voila! A rack is made for drippings!!

At the very same restaurant we had mac and cheese wedges. They are deep fried m&c with bourbon dipping sauce on the side. It was wonderful to taste. Does any one out there make anything remotely like this? I am on a mission to find a recipe.
Now, lets head to another hood and go into the Bistro at Fox and Obel, an upscale grocery.
The menu changes with the change of what foods are in abundance and fresh. Micky started dinner with this Artisanal Cheese Plate, that consisted of cheeses, crostini, and a terrine of truffle honey, sour cherry and black mission fig.
I started the meal with mussels and clams. I like this mostly because I am a dunker and I love to dunk crusty bread in the earthy wine sauce. They could easily take the shell stuff away and leave me with the remains!
Micky chose a pear salad for her main course with greens, a poached pear, pecans, blue cheese and a pear and star anise vinaigrette.
I picked diver scallops, mainly because it did have some greens and kale (not!). It was a wonderful combo of the scallops, a braised short rib, parsnip and apple puree along with the greens, kale and a veal reduction.

I gotta go have breakfast. These pictures make me hungry.


Robbie said...

Delightful looking dishes!! Yum! I just ate but they made me hungry!

spikemuffin said...

Nice looking Quiche. We'll give Chicago the hot dog but please, don't pretend you know Pizza!