Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's like Bella knows when I am acting stupid and she then puts me in my place. She is right here on her cushion on my desk and I am talking baby talk (gibberish) to her and she just turns her head slightly away as if she were rebuking me. Well, maybe that's in order.

I am very busy. I have my fingers in many pots right now. I have not finished my last art quilt yet and it may be some time before I do get around to it.
It's on the wall and pinned and that's where it will be for a while. Every time I look at it I think of a drink with an umbrella in it, or some kind of weird over stimulated palm tree. I just might need therapy.

Last night, when I was at 'fake' bridge next door, my 'doily' for my meatballs got much more attention than the cards.
Years ago, my cohort Jayne, the other natural blonde that I went to China with last year, gave me this fake lettuce. I pretty much have to tell everyone that it's fake because it really looks real. I use it when I need a base for an app that may be a little messy or, heaven forbid, greasy.
It washes in the dishwasher and frankly, you gotta get some of it for yourself. I insist.

Fake bridge, you ask? I play so little that mostly when I am involved, it's a show us your cards and we will tell you what to do. I can grasp the meaning of most of the common verbiage but with so little play I forget between games. Nor does it help that food and beverages are involved and that kinda takes my mind elsewhere. If truth be told, it's my kinda bridge.

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