Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Gotta Have It!

I am a bowling failure. I got as many gutter balls yesterday as I got pins. I first blamed it on the greasy burger and fries I consumed before the game, still lingering on my hands. After a few bad throws, I went and washed but it didn't help. I finished up the last of the three games with an even 100 but my self confidence is right back in the gutter. I hate bowling.

The first day of fall came and I was ill prepared. I didn't have all the colors made for the flags for fall. I put a halt to everything I was finishing up yesterday and started to crank out the flags. Good thing G was at his birthday present (Pink Floyd Off The Wall Live) with the kids so I could crank some out without having to stop and be nice to anyone. (Did I really type that?)
The moving sale is over and I got more than a few wonderful finds from it. Now, it's not like I need ONE MORE THING, but consider that you are looking at this stuff day after day, and it finally starts to call your name. Say for instance, this apple peeler and corer; I first thought it was some sort of evil contortion apparatus but on further thought, would Micky have this in her second drawer in the kitchen if it had bad purposes? Today is the day I go to the store and get an apple to try it out. It may be my first go to tool; who knows?
I kept looking at this fish relief and it reminded me so much of a drawing I did for a quilt way back when. I will have to go through my endless drawings and look for that. Anyway, this is a artist rendering and is signed and dated on the back I first thought it would be resin but it's made out of concrete or some heavy naturally sandy feeling material. I love it.

I have other stuff in the car that hasn't made it into the house yet.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I have one of those. I think? It is way back in a drawer somewhere. I got it at one of those kitchenware parties that I had to go to and buy something. It works pretty good on some brands of apples and not so good on others. But if you are making a lot of pies at one time to freeze it is well worth having.

My dog Barley does that in front of one of my cupboard doors that I keep his stuff in. He will just stare at it like Bella for an unbelievable amount of time even when I come in there and tell him no more treats and he is smart!??

Mary Ann said...

I have the corer peeler and use it all the time. You can peel, core and slice apples in minutes. Nice even slices. Works well with granny smiths.
Now if you stood in front of the chocolate in your cupboard would anyone fetch you a bar? Dogs have it made. My corgi knows where the horse treats are at the barn and figures what's good for the horse is good for her, apple oat treats, everyone loves them.

spikemuffin said...

Please provide the Roger Water's review in your next entry. Thanks.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Tommy,
I just joined a bowling league and my games were 67, 97, and 99! It's good we're not on the same team! I haven't bowled in at least 20 years but thought it would come right back.....wrong!
I joined the Sun City Anthem league in hopes of meeting some women around here to shop with and lunch with but most of those who showed up didn't want to be on a team without their husbands! We only have 8 3-man teams but I guess they don't "get" the girlfriends thing!!!!

I have 2 really nice guys on my team and I'm going with "I really helped our handicap"! And hopefully I'll get better.

Karen said...

I got my apple/peeler/corer from Pampered Chef. It works wonderfully if the apples are NOT soft. They also have a booklet that gives lots of recipe to make using this tool. Maybe check their website for some free recipes?