Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Johnny Appleseed

The first couple to visit us this past weekend arrived a few hours before the others so we decided to go and 'pick' apples, seeing as it is definitely the season in these parts. We chose to take a 45 minute drive to an apple farm that we actually did the picking years ago when we had the fall ritual of taking the kids and their friends to do just that.

First thing out of G's mouth as he was shutting the car door was 'let's get a caramel apple'. He headed up to the young girl who was manning the cash register and asked as to the whereabouts of the tasty apples on a stick. The girl said that he must have not been around for a very long time because the caramel apples were eliminated years ago. Okay, we had to fess up that once the kids flew the nest, we chose to go to the farmer's market for our apples. But why eliminate such a popular item? The young girl shyly said that the guy who made them is no longer a member of the family. Divorce, she said. Oh dear.
On this trip we found five types of apples that were ready for purchase. Mac's and
Jonathon's (this looks like it is spelled wrong but then you would think that these people who have apples as their life would know, wouldn't you? )
and Cortland's. Did you know this little tidbit that they stay white when sliced? Does that mean that they don't need any acid or pectin to keep their color? Hummm.
Our purchases (not including the popcorn and apple chips we got to keep up our strength for the ride home) turned out to be Jonagolds, a hybrid of Jonathans and Golden Delicious. They taste amazing, even with beer and wine. Who knew?
I set up my apple contraption in the studio on my rolling cart because the 1 1/2" bullnose counter trim in the kitchen will not hold the peeler/corer in place so it won't move. It didn't matter anyway because I am an idiot and can't get it to peel. I have the coring down pat but there is something that I am overlooking to get the peel off. I will have to get Micky over here to show me how it's done. If you know Micky and her kitchen prowess you may think that I just told a funny joke but alas, she does know how to do it. Ha ha to you.

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Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the peeler part is in the upper left hand corner of your picture. Sometimes that thingy gets bent so it's not touching the skin. See if you can move it back in place and it should peel around the whole apple. I have one and rarely use it anymore. But I did make apple brownies this morning and they are delicious and only took one apple!