Monday, September 27, 2010

The Mysterious Disappearance of Staci Peterson

The weekend was a riot of gabbing. You can't imagine how loud eight adults can be when they haven't all been together for most of a year. And the laughing? My stomach still hurts from the strain.

One of the many little drama's we college roommates (for the most part) partook in was the mysterious metal barrel that washed up on the beach while we were admiring the lake (through windows because it was mightily windy and cold). A local mystery (Bolingbrook, Illinois) that has been in the papers for ever is the disappearance of Staci Peterson, wife of a police officer (former; now in jail) who had several other previous wives that had very short lives as Mrs. Peterson. The last Mrs. Peterson is believed to have been hauled off in just such a container to parts unknown.
So, some of the gang went down to the waters edge to possibly free Staci. First the girls went down but assistance was needed from a MAN. After repeatedly calling out her name and asking Staci to bang on the side of the drum if she wanted to be let out, the conclusion was unanimous that Staci was indeed not in the barrel.
So off to sea they set the drum
to wash ashore somewhere else and then they returned to the house for another cuppa joe.


Melody Johnson said...

too too funny!!!

Robbie said...

Might not have been Staci but could have been another type of treasure in that barrel! Who knows! now you never will!! but it's a good story isn't it! I think you have more fun than anyone I know!

Cindra said...

Hmmmm, did they really think Staci would cry out... "Yes, I'm in here!?" LOL! You guys are so funny! Always an adventure.