Monday, September 06, 2010

Peevish Pete

So yesterday, late morning, the kids were going jogging and swimming and working out; G was golfing and my sister Mike and I were looking through the JoAnn's sale flyer and decided to go hit the store. We get the dogs in the car and then I had this brain storm to go back into the house and print out another coupon, just in case. I tried in vain to find one so went back out to the garage and had Mike come in and try her luck at finding a coupon. In the mean time, the dogs were in the car and Peter was swinging a golf club in the garage.

We gave up on the computer and were heading back out when we walked by the front door and saw the car half was out of the garage. I panicked and ran to find the dogs still in the car
and Peter looking a bit cagey. We reacted just as he wanted us to do. It was pretty funny to think for one second we actually thought the dogs backed the car out. It's the little things!


Corky said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Susan Turney said...

That is the CUTEST pic. They look like little old guys who are getting tired of waiting for you two.

Gayle from MI said...

Too funny!

Robbie said...

Stranger things could and have happened! Our dog once locked the doors of the car!! A fluke but it can happen if they hit the right button (but she's a Bichon and quite smart, right!). At least she wasn't able to 'unlock' the car!! geezzzz