Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Stare

I only have a minute to post. I left the house yesterday before seven to work the house sale with a couple of my BFF's and today I have a little more morning time but I kinda farted it away doing crazy stuff like washing the kitchen counter top and talking to G. I have to go and brush my teeth and take off for a few hours this morning to finish up the sale. I do however want to show you a very common sight at the Casa Fitzsimmons.
Two minutes ago I was getting my camera out of the car and took this picture. This is my gal Bella doing what she does several times a day. This is the pantry and the third drawer is designated dog stuff and this chick knows it. This is her way of saying, 'I want a treat'. It rarely works but every now and then some visitor that knows the pattern will relent and open up the treasure trove to give the dog a treat. Sometimes she stands there for an hour. I have often times been in another room and enter the kitchen and there she is, standing and staring. I then wonder how long she has been there. At times like this, I have to wonder, is she smart as I always give her credit for, or a knuckle head? You decide.


vivian said...

I vote for smart! She should be a quilter-she has the "stand and stare" part figured out!!

Robbie said...

Who said dogs are dumb! This is one smart dog...she knows you'll give in and not let her stand there all day! my dog just sits in front of us and cries and jiggles her butt to let us know it's 'dessert' time! Who has who figured out!

Anonymous said...

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