Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tall Tale

I was just checking the weather and yikes! be careful what you wish for! It is going to be in the 60's for most of the weekend. We have had mostly 90º days and now, when we least want it, with a house full, it's going to be springlike. Oh well.

Let's go and see the Tall Ships! We first have to go to

Navy Pier. Even though it was sunny and 94º, there were so many people at the pier that it was very time consuming to get to where the ships were. We planned our excursion to be at the very end of the six day gala and we need not have, because everyone else had the same idea. By the time we got to the exhibition (at five p.m. and it was over at six) and weaved ourselves through the throngs, we realized that you needed an arm band (in other words, pay) to see the floating ships and guess what? They quit selling the bands. We had to content ourselves with the boats that were out and about.
Some of the boats took passengers on small excursions.
I don't think I would care to be crammed in an old boat on a blistery day anyway. This view was just peachy.
I love this picture because you can see a Tall Ship off and back to the left with a light house in the center and the modern day cruise around the lake boat on the right.
I am guessing that the weather did not permit sails to be up, which is unfortunate because that is half of the allure of these old pirate ships.
Biking around the pier was impossible due to the massive crowds and I am sure that didn't sit well with the bike concessioners. They too have to earn a living.
In one of my favorite spots to have a libation is the Beer Garden and while we were there, the band, Elevation, was playing. They are a fantastic U2 Tribute band and they sounded right on the money. A couple of the guys even looked like Bono and that other guy (you know who I mean).
The last picture of the boats I took was taken with Micky's insistence. Her thought was to take a pic of a tall ship with some of the Chicago skyline in the back. It turned out pretty cool.


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